Monday, July 16, 2012

What the...!

Well, I tried to log on to my "other" blog today. Admittedly, it too is as neglected as this one...and it appears Blogger has handed my blog title over to someone else! Not happy, Jan :| To top it all off, the person who has it now has posted twice. Twice! I mean, I am no better, I havent posted for aaaaages. But, really? I'm affronted. And disgruntled. Hmph.

Anyways, have been thinking about resurrecting this little baby for a while.

So much has changed! I no longer work full time. I'm not a part-time job-share with my previous employer (16+ years and counting!). I work two days a week, and the other three I am a full time student! A student! Yes, I know....Scary! Second semester of my first year started today :) I am enjoying it very much. Am studying a Bachelor of Science in Health, Safety and Environment and am hoping to go into Environmental Science. So, totes different to my current banking and finance career! Thought it was time for a change.

In other news....I GOT ENGAGED!!! At Christmas time. To my lovely man, Captain Chaos :) Wedding is set down for November this year, so am currently scurrying around making lists and invites and bookings and what not. Very exciting :)

Since I havent posted since November 2010 (oops! How time does fly!!) things have definitely changed. I did my first ever Half Ironman in May 2011 (signed up for the one this year, but the studying at university thing got a hold of me!). Have done a couple of half marathons, changed jobs, taken long service leave from my job, had a couple of overseas trips and a slew of other things.

Well, I guess that's my wee update in a nutshell :)

Here's hoping people are still reading (ha!) and I can manage to string a few more posts together. Heh!!

K xx

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