Monday, July 16, 2012

What the...!

Well, I tried to log on to my "other" blog today. Admittedly, it too is as neglected as this one...and it appears Blogger has handed my blog title over to someone else! Not happy, Jan :| To top it all off, the person who has it now has posted twice. Twice! I mean, I am no better, I havent posted for aaaaages. But, really? I'm affronted. And disgruntled. Hmph.

Anyways, have been thinking about resurrecting this little baby for a while.

So much has changed! I no longer work full time. I'm not a part-time job-share with my previous employer (16+ years and counting!). I work two days a week, and the other three I am a full time student! A student! Yes, I know....Scary! Second semester of my first year started today :) I am enjoying it very much. Am studying a Bachelor of Science in Health, Safety and Environment and am hoping to go into Environmental Science. So, totes different to my current banking and finance career! Thought it was time for a change.

In other news....I GOT ENGAGED!!! At Christmas time. To my lovely man, Captain Chaos :) Wedding is set down for November this year, so am currently scurrying around making lists and invites and bookings and what not. Very exciting :)

Since I havent posted since November 2010 (oops! How time does fly!!) things have definitely changed. I did my first ever Half Ironman in May 2011 (signed up for the one this year, but the studying at university thing got a hold of me!). Have done a couple of half marathons, changed jobs, taken long service leave from my job, had a couple of overseas trips and a slew of other things.

Well, I guess that's my wee update in a nutshell :)

Here's hoping people are still reading (ha!) and I can manage to string a few more posts together. Heh!!

K xx

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I need...

...a serious IKEA intervention o_O

Perhaps it would be easier if I just tithed a percentage of my wages directly to their head office in Sweden...


K xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The sound of silence...



Yep still here.

Not posting a lot (well, obviously...), but still around.

I've been thinking about the blog a fair bit recently, and I reckon it's time for a wee change of direction.

When I first discovered blogs, and made the decision to start my own, I had visions of becoming some handicrafting maven (aka...well, too many wonderful blogs to mention really!). I had high hopes of regularly posting my crafty stuff and being all wonderful and stuff.

But, then I found I had trouble committing to regular blogging about my crafty pursuits and remaining 'focussed' on my blog. And my handicraft pursuits - such as they were - were really just me following the herd. Nothing new and ground-breaking for me in other words. And, I think that disappointed and somewhat discouraged me. Rightly or wrongly.

Anyways, as my reading of others blogs widened -away from specifically the handicraft based ones and into fashion, DIY, decorating, cooking etc etc, I discovered that although I was reasonably "crafty" and creative myself, there were things I was not...

- A 'leader' in terms of handcrafting / creativity.

- All that keen on vintage / thrifting.

- Able to fully commit to blogging about crafty pursuits in a meaningful and regular fashion.

But, I also discovered things that I WAS...

- wildly interested in home decorating.

- freakishly good at organising.

- apparently also considered somewhat stylish :P

So. This "revelation" (if you will...) has led me to think a trifle more about WKDN and the direction it might go in, and I've decided to recommence the blog, but with a changed direction. A little less of me trying to be like other 'craft' bloggers (which I have discovered I'm not all that!!) and a little more of me, trying to be like, well, me!!

There'll be a little more fashion / personal style commentary.

A modicum more of my home decorating.

Some snippets of organising goodness.

Plus, a trifle of crafting when I think it adds value and is interesting.

Now - a wee disclaimer - I can't make any promises about the regularity of posts! In my defence I hold down a reasonably pressure driven full-time job in Banking (which involves long hours and travl), plus I train for triathlons / Ironman / Half Marathons, and I have a partner who works FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out for those of you not au fait with the acronym :D) in the mining industry. So when he's home, I like to devote my spare time to 'us'.

That said, I'll do my best, and that's really all that can be asked of me!

So, all two of you that read (and I love you, I really do!!) I'm hoping you stick around.

K xxx

Monday, May 10, 2010

***Caution*** Deep and Meaningful post ahead ;)


Does anyone else ever sit back and think over the past? About how those things that seemed sooooo terrible and hurtful and awful at the time might actually have prepared one perfectly for the here and now?

As my close friends know, I had a reasonably train-wrecky year last year relationship wise.


Urk. Without going into too much gut-wrenching detail, I split up with my long-term partner (my decision...which I had actually been putting off for some just seems easier sometimes to continue on in a relationship that isn't really working - and hasn't been for some time - rather than exposing oneself to the vagaries of being over 30 and single...) in December 2008 and then spent 2009 lurching from one dating / relationship disaster to the other.

I'm pretty sure my friends were thinking about staging some serious interventions there at various stages, such was my ridiculosity and certain behaviour being entirely unlike my normal, sensible, level-headed self.

Anyways, at one point during the year I was writing in my diary lamenting the lack of a 'nice' man for me. 'Cos I'm nice (or at least I like to think so), and I couldn't grasp why the men I was meeting were so freakin' awful!!! So in a fit of angst, I poured my little heart out into my diary and listed down the things I wanted (no, wait, the things I deserved darnit!!) in a man. Not things like tall, dark and handsome...but important-to-me qualitative personality traits. Kindness. Intelligence. Et cetera. You get the gist.

So. Some months pass. I meet several fellows who meet most of my criteria. One of which completely broke my heart. As in completely wrenched- it- from- my- chest- couldn't- eat- for -weeks. Still don't know what his problem was, but I bet it's hard to pronounce!!

Then I met him.

The one.

The sweetest, nicest, most lovely fellow.

Who is perfect for me in every way, which I know sounds super cheesy...but it's true. He's not completely without baggage himself, but hey, who over 30 is? It's really how you carry that baggage away from the carousel that matters!!

And it's almost as though everything that's happened to us both in our relationship histories has prepared both of us completely, perfectly well for the two of us to be together now. We get along ridiculously well and have a ludicrous amount in common. A ludicrous amount. Weird.

I've been thinking about this a bit in the last several weeks for various reasons. I'm a bit of a thinker from time to time (some would claim an over-thinker!).

And then I found my diary from last year. On the last page was my little diatribe about useless men, blah blah, and what I wanted.

And you know what...he's everything on that list.

Which makes me very happy indeed.

But what is even funnier is that I had to make up a 'fake' boyfriend at one point last year (due to having a sort of co-worker who turned into a bit of a stalker). And my current squeeze exactly resembles the faux-boyfriend of fiction. Right down to his job and hobbies


(Don't worry, I've checked...he's a real person :D)

Is there a moral to this story? Not really, but sometimes I wonder if the Universe (or your God or not-God of choice...we're mutli-denominational / multi-belief and very accepting here in the WKDN household) is totally working us to a plan.

Have a great week.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


KlutzGirl strikes again.


Walked into a wall...yes, really...

My top lip now appears to be the victim of some OTT lip enhancement procedure, however luckily no teeth were harmed in the making of this particular Vortex of Mayhem (tm).

Seriously? I've walked through my loungeroom so many times in the dark and completely missed the wall. But this one time? Pow! Right in the (nose and) kisser.


Fortunately the force of my impact did not result in a black eye or split lip or knocked out teeth.

All possibilities.

For future night-time perambulations I will be wearing a head torch and a suit made of pillows :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Five Faves

This weeks Five Faves:
  1. The new scarf I've just started ( I need another scarf o_O). Love the wool. Love the pattern - now that I've safely negotiated the whole 'ssk' stitch debacle that took me over and hour to work out and ended in some SERIOUS Googling;
  2. My Kathmandu water bottle. Pink. Sits on my desk. Reminds me to keep drinking my water :)
  3. Grana Padano cheese. You MUST try it. Like Parmesan, but betterer (IMHO);
  4. Autumn in Perth. Perfection! and
  5. My boy :) what's not to like? He's lovely ;D

Not liking so much? Bicycle chain rings. Am sporting a rather unattractive bruise cum 5 x curvy scratch on my inner calf due to a bicycling *ahem* incident on the weeked. *sigh* it was a case of the bicycle or me. Given the bike is v expensive, I sacrificed my leg.

Oh dear.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perth storms


Got caught in a bus shelter during the worst of the hail, however the other lovely ladies trapped in there with me banded together and prevented the worst of the rain and hail reaching us :) those were some HUGE hailstonees - not golfball sized as some had, but largeish...

Scared stiff during the actual lightning and thunder part (long story involving me getting an electric shock from an electrical storm as a teenager...there may or may not have been tears and some hiding under the bed covers), some minimal flooding to my garage, patio nearly went fully under water (!!) and discovered a leaky window in my dining room, but other than that escaped scot free and much better off than some who sustained serious house and car damage.

Apparently I should consider branching out into either panel beating or windscreen installation in order to make a buck!!

Pretty glad the whole thing is over though!!

Promised tutorial still underway. Techno blogger issues and a lack of electricity @ my place have hampered efforts somewhat.

Be patient!!